Casa Christina is located in El Toyo built for the XV Mediterranean games in 2005 and afterwards turned into a luxury seaside resort.
El Toyo is 13 Kilometres from the city of Almeria (South East Spain) and 6 kilometres from the airport.
It has over 35 acres of gardens with palm trees and typical regional vegetation, a golf course with 18 holes, and an artificial lake with a beautiful, palm-lined bridge at just few meters above sea level.  The area is crossed by numerous bike paths, and along the generous beach promenade and boardwalk there are beautifully crafted wooden look-out huts and benches.
The centre of “El Toyo” is formed by the golf course, numerous luxury villas, and several high-class hotels some of which are situated directly on the beach.  In the southern part of “El Toyo” there are mainly private houses some with swimming pools as well as sports facilities.

Around the lake, particularly on the square “Plaza del Mar”, you will find numerous restaurants, terrace bars, bars and pubs. Here you can dine after a relaxing day at the beach and then enjoy the night life.

The beaches of “El Toyo”, with white sand, are among the finest in the region.
The ever-growing recreational offerings attract active vacationers: from water sports to diving courses to excursions on camels, so there is plenty to do when the sun is not too hot.

The El Toyo area is constantly improving as more facilities and shops are added, although the areas either side of El Toyo and Retamar are permanently marked as national parks. This clear distinction is most vivid on maps, Google Earth and street view, where houses are one side of the road and desert the other.

Le Toyo 1AClick the pictures for larger images.Map 2A
The left picture shows the airport and El Toyo, whilst that on the right gives a closer view of El Toyo.


The  position of the house is indicated by a “1” in a small green box Casa Christina in both pictures.


Note that these images are out of date, but do give an idea of how close the house is to the sea and the El Toyo and Retamar villages. For a more up to date (still out of date) image please consider using this Google Earth link. You will need Google Earth already installed on your machine.
Note:- ‘Street view’ does not go down the private gated road on which the house resides.

For a further schematic map of the Almeria region showing the beaches, please use the Beach Map pull down on the Info tab, or press [button color=pink url=http://www.casa-christina.co.uk/info/beaches]Beach Map[/button].